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Bad Data – Don’t let this happen to you!

Bad Data – Don’t let this happen to you!

Tesla is a really cool car. Electric. Expensive. Cool. I want one … that’s a different post. Did you hear about this story? Earlier this month, a Tesla car near Seattle was in an accident and caught on fire. No one was hurt. Enter a passerby, a camera phone and YouTube. Next fact – Tesla stock price dropped $12 or 6% that day. Initial speculation from analysts is that the stock price fell due to the video going viral. Bad data is expensive. Bad data? We are talking about a […]

About Gary Carr

Gary is the founder and president of Third Sector Labs. With more than 20 years of experience delivering software and data solutions to a wide variety of clients, Gary turned his attention to the overwhelming problem of data. Third Sector Labs is committed to making sense of data for the nonprofit industry.

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