Third Sector Labs pricing is competitive and flexible. We know as well as anyone that data is complex, and data services can be confusing.

  • “Why does our organization need XYZ?”
  • “How often do we need it?”
  • “What’s the risk?”
  • And of course, “What’s it going to cost?”

If you are feeling the angst of these questions, don’t worry. We may not know the full extent of the work required until we have spent time with you, listening and learning. Many of our services are offered on a one-time basis, or per engagement, to help you address immediate needs.

Third Sector Labs pricing typically depends on the service and the amount of data we are working with. Our quotes assume a minimum of 10 hours of work at $150/hour. Most services will be quoted as an estimated range for the work that you need.

Third Sector Labs Pricing:
  • Data Quality Assessments are free for up to 25,000 records
  • Website Security Assessments (to safeguard your data) start at $1,500
  • Data hygiene (cleaning) starts at $1,500
  • Data migrations start at $2,500
  • For advanced services, such as data management planning, data mining, warehousing and analytics please contact us for an evaluation of your needs.


Our best advice is this: good data management requires a process or system for maintaining the quality of your data. Data management plans that include a combination of services, with monthly or quarterly tasks and deliverables, are often the best approach.

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