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Third Sector Labs provides data services to nonprofits and public sector organizations. Data can be confusing, overwhelming … and many organizations aren’t sure where to start.

Good data management is a process.  Your data needs to be managed proactively, not in response to an urgent need or recently discovered problem. That’s why we recommend that you step back and think about your data “big picture” in order to get you your highest quality data assets.


Data Quality Assessment

Start with a Data Quality Assessment. You need to know what you have, and so do we, or we can’t help you. Data, if anything, is about accuracy – not subjectivity. Our data assessment is free for up to 25,000 records in any one dataset. For larger data sets, we can provide a quote. The data assessment is also an important first step in any data management plan or follow-on tasks such as cleaning, CRM migrations, integrations, warehousing, etc.

Data Quality – cleaning, enrichment

One you receive your data assessment, the next step is usually a cleaning. If the data is ‘dirty’ – plagued by duplicates, incomplete fields, bad characters, and more – we can ‘clean‘ it for you. Data cleanings are priced as low as $1,500. Contact us for a free estimate if we haven’t yet provide your organization with a data assessment.

Next up, a data enrichment engagement with improved forms and other inbound data collection activities. For an added boost, we can mix and match your data with other internal, publicly available or third-party data sets that dramatically improve the value and richness of your data. The bottom line: your capacity to reach specific individuals with targeted messaging goes way up, further reducing costs while improving results.

Maintain Quality with a DSP

Completing a data cleaning or enrichment project is a great accomplishment for any organization. The problem is that as soon as the project is finished, the data starts to degrade. Why? Lots of reasons – we’ve talked about this before. The bottom line, however, is that if your data quality isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse.

To maintain your data quality, you need a proactive data management plan. To help execute that plan, we offer a quarterly DSP – data services plan. To do this, we customize a data intake service for your organization, apply our standard data hygiene processes, and return clean files accompanied by a report documenting what we did, and any issues we found. Put an end to the mad rush of last minute, quasi-effective data cleaning efforts in response to an outgoing mailer or event invitation. Be proactive.

Data Migration

Considering a new CRM or donor management system? If so, make sure you know how you will get data into AND out of that new system. Our experience is that many nonprofit organizations find themselves feeling a bit ‘trapped’ in unwieldy data management solutions that no longer work for them. Unfortunately, these organizations also are nervous – understandably – about moving the data elsewhere. Worry no more. We are experienced with a wide variety of CRM and donor management systems – we will migrate your data into a data management solution that makes the most sense to you and your organization.

Warehousing, Mining, Analytics

Many organizations have multiple systems storing, using, depending on incoming data from multiple sources. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of records. Sound familiar? If so, you need to think about a central data repository – a warehouse.

Our data warehouse solutions can support data consolidations, integrations, data mining, donor profile building, analytics and more. We work with industry leading, Open Source technologies so that you won’t be trapped by proprietary systems that only we can understand. Read more, or contact us now to get the engagement underway.


Data security breaches often focus their point of attack on your website. Once unauthorized access is gained, hackers / spammers / attackers seek to exploit your system and access as much data as possible, including member accounts and transactional data. Step one in protecting your data is ensuring that your website is not vulnerable to attacks. Third Sector Labs offers an inexpensive Website Security Assessment of your website.


Data is more than a bunch of numbers and statistics. Data tells a story. Data visualizations tell that story better.

Whether you need better outcome management reporting, or you want to use imagery to convey those outcome statistics to your donors, we can help. Your success is in your numbers; let’s bring those numbers to life.

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