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Today, data is all around us.  To most, it probably feels disorganized, unmanageable, and barely accessible.  Just fifteen short years ago, the average nonprofit organization was fundraising through direct mail and special events, and communicating through newsletters.  Today’s landscape is much different – in additional to traditional campaigns and communications, we have websites, online giving, mobile giving, multiple social media platforms, e-newsletters, and much more.

And it all produces data that your organization needs to capture, store, and understand.

Does your organization rely on multiple databases?  Are you still trying to make sense of social media?  Do you understand your consumers or donors in terms of their backgrounds, interests, activities and even purchasing patterns?  How do you make sense of all of this?

For starters, you may need a data warehouse, also referred to as a central data repository, that enables you to store, consolidate, mine and analyze your data.  It may be cost prohibitive to migrate all legacy data systems to a new one-size-fits-all giant CRM system.  The business risks of such a move can be prohibitive.  But data mining could be a path to better fundraising campaigns and improved donor relations.

Prototyping your data warehouse so that you can begin to learn from the data might be just what you need.  From there, we can establish data cleaning protocols, integrate with e-marketing services or data analytics tools, or enrich the warehouse with publicly available for third party data services.

Contact Third Sector Labs to learn more about our data mining and warehousing services, and how we might help your organization.

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