Data Quality Assessment

When it comes to data, most nonprofit organizations are – like their for-profit counterparts – struggling to understand the quality of what they have, what it’s worth, and what they can do with it. Sound familiar?

Data as a powerful new resource? Check. Now what?

That’s why we will provide a Data Quality Assessment to help you start your understanding your data better. Here’s a sample that you can download.

Send us your data (we ensure privacy, etc.), and we will return to you an extensive summation of what you have. As an added bonus, we will offer recommendations to improve your data quality and/or better ways  to work with your data. Doesn’t matter if it’s donor, volunteer, member, or some other kind of data – we’ll assess it for you. Contact us to get started. The assessment is FREE for up to 25,000 records in a single file!

And because we’ve been doing this for a long time for a lot of different organizations, we have a pretty good idea of what your data should look like vs. what it actually looks like. The DQ Assessment can be the first step on the path to true data quality for your organization. If it’s dirty, we can clean it. If it’s malnourished, we can run appends and other enrichment efforts to improve it. If it’s trapped in a dead-end data management solution, we can liberate and migrate it to something more useful to your organization.

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