Data Cleaning & Enriching

Does your organization address data cleaning and enriching reactively as problems pop-up? Are 30% or more of your donor records considered “incomplete”? Do you even know how “clean” your data is?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Data hygiene – the practice of cleaning and enriching your data – is critical to the success of every business, including nonprofits. Among other things, bad donor data leads to higher costs, since, for example, you’re mailing to incomplete or incorrect addresses. If a mail piece to 10,000 people costs (let’s keep it simple here) $10,000 and 30% of the data is bad, you’ve just tossed away $3,000. If you’re reaching out to 100,000, well, you do the math.

Furthermore, bad data has a nasty habit of alienating people who otherwise might be friendly to your organization. Bad data leads to repetitious, redundant, discordant, and otherwise chaotic messaging which, in turn, leads to lots of people fleeing from your brand. Regular data cleaning is a must.

Data is like a 5-year-old boy – only his parents will keep him clean. – TSL data expert

Incomplete data can cause similar problems.  The more you know about a potential donor, the better your chances of connecting with her or him through meaningful content and successful outreach efforts.  Enriching your data with basic demographic information, third party sources, and publicly available information saves time and money, improves donor relationships, and enables organizations to achieve ever higher fundraising goals.

Third Sector Labs takes your data, runs it through rigorous cleaning algorithms, and enriches with data appending services. Baseline data hygiene needs to include tasks such as:TSL data shower

  • USPS NCOA (national change of address) check
  • USPS DPV (delivery point validation) check
  • Deceased records check
  • Residential phone append
  • Email append
  • Residential address reverse lookup

We can recommend a data cleaning plan that will also KEEP your data clean. Contact us to learn more.

And remember, when it comes to data …

If it isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse.  – TSL data expert

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