Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     How does pricing work?

A:     Pricing depends on the service and the amount of data we are working with. Our quotes assume a minimum of 10 hours of work at $150/hour. We typically quote an estimated range for the service you need.

  • Data Quality Assessments are free for up to 25,000 records
  • Website Security Assessments (to safeguard your data) start at $1,500
  • Data hygiene starts at $1,500
  • Data migrations start at $2,500
  • For advanced services, such as data management planning, data mining, warehousing and analytics please contact us for an evaluation of your needs.
Q:     Do I have to get a data assessment before engaging in other services?

A:     No, but it certainly helps. In fact, even when you don’t request it, often we may complete the assessment ourselves as we begin working with your data.

Q:     Do you work with small to medium sized nonprofits?

A:     Yes, we work with all sizes of nonprofits.

Q:     We have data problems. We don’t know how to fix them and we don’t know where to start. What do you recommend?

A:     Start with a Data Quality Assessment, so you can understand what data you have, what it’s worth, and what you can do with it.

Q:     What does a Data Quality Assessment (DQA) involve?

A:     With every DQA, we load a copy of your data into a database where we can run a series of scripts and tests against the data. The evaluation is looking for complete vs. incomplete records, corrupt records, stale data, and variety of other relationships within your data records. Our DQA Report will include the potential next steps to clean, improve upon, and better utilize the data. Checkout a sample DQA Report.

Q:     What CRMs do you work with?

A:     We work with most nonprofit CRMs. Some of the more common products include Raiser’s Edge, eTapestry, Salesforce, Bloomerang, DonorPerfect, Base, and CiviCRM.

Q:     Doesn’t my CRM take care of data quality for us?

A:     No. The CRM is just a tool. All data degrades. And data hoarding can overwhelm any CRM database. In most cases, to work with the data – clean it, enrich it, integrate it, migrate it, analyze it – you’ve got to free the data from the CRM first.

Q:     What type of data do you work with?

A:     We work mostly with donor data and program outcome data.

Q:     We work with a fundraising consultant, why do I need Third Sector Labs?

A:     We work with a number of fundraising consultants too. Some have very strong data science skill sets, but others look to partners like us to help them with data.

Q:     How how long will it take to complete the Data Quality Assessment?

A:     Once you provide us with your data file, we can turn around the data assessment typically in one week. 

Q:     How often should I clean my donor data?

A:     Your donor data ideally should be cleaned once a month, but depending on your organization’s needs, cleaning quarterly is a good option as well.

Q:        What is the best way to add to or enrich our donor data?

A:        Enriching your data, or refining the quality of your information assets,  should be done proactively, either monthly or quarterly and should be included in your data management plan.

Q:     What is involved in creating a Data Management Plan?

A:     First, you need a map, or an assessment of your data gaps. Next, you need a plan of how you will obtain and maintain the data critical to your organization. Lastly, you need professional service to help you stay on top of your plan, keep your data quality high, and manage your data assets proactively.

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