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The Ultimate Guide to Donor Data Migration

Please provide your name and email address and we will happily send you our free eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Donor Data Migration. This eBook is a collaboration between leading CRM provider Bloomerang and Third Sector Labs.

If you’re thinking of migrating your donor data to a new system, this eBook is an ideal starting point for ensuring you do it right.

The Ultimate Guide to Donor Data Migration is a 32-page, downloadable PDF that is intended to help nonprofit organizations understand and prepare for the process of a donor data migration. The advice and lessons in this eBook will help you regardless of the CRM or donor management system you choose.

Simply provide your name and email address and we will send you The Ultimate Guide. As always, Third Sector Labs does not share your contact information with any outside parties.

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About the Authors
Gary Carr, President & Founder – Third Sector Labs

Gary Carr Gary has 20+ years of experience working at the crossroads of technology, data and the nonprofit sector. TSL represents a commitment to helping the nonprofit community make the most of the growing world of data management.

Steven Shattuck, VP of Marketing – Bloomerang

stevenAs a HubSpot Certified inbound marketer, Steven is a contributor to NTEN, Nonprofit Hub, Social Media Today and Business2Community. He frequently speaks at nonprofit conferences and leads a weekly educational webinar series.

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